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A friend recently mentioned that she thinks meditating is a waste of time because it is boring and unproductive to not think of anything.

I, however, find it productive because I don’t mind not thinking. I actually find it incredibly interesting. Something about ritual and balance and duality, I guess.

I find value in sitting up straight, cross-legged, with my eyes closed.

I like the stillness, contrasted with the awareness of our planet zooming through the universe at breakneck speeds.

I like that colors I can’t imagine dance behind my closed eyelids.

I like that my lungs move when I breath.

I like that sometimes I feel like I’m holding the sun.

I like that I can feel the extravagant hum of the universe.

But I’ll give my friend credit, because this is not the only way. I meditate in other ways too, and I imagine there are a million more ways to drop in.

Riding horses and waves and snow and ice. Feet pounding pavement. The flow of a great conversation. A deep breath. All the same energy in different packages, all can play with the sun.

One day I’ll meditate while washing dishes and filing taxes and going to the DMV. For now I’ll enjoy the ocean.




Initiator, competitor, and adventurer sharing my stories to inspire others to play big.

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Lillian Mell

Lillian Mell

Initiator, competitor, and adventurer sharing my stories to inspire others to play big.

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